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LALA Fairy T-Back Bodysuit


Rarely used as a compensating underwear, the T-bag is used. Underwear that works beautifully outside and inside the body, that is, from the heart, to make a sexy beautiful body.

Cleavage Makeover The side-up and strap tabs prevent spillage to the underarms while firmly bringing back support to the bustline.

Sexy Lacey Lace and Powernet have been incorporated in the bikini area to promote a soft fit while creating a sexy look. The high-leg cut design not only provides an elegant visual but also helps in preventing bunching and pinching at the seam line.

Clasps Adjust the bodysuit length to your liking with the use of two tiered double clasps.

Underarm Support Fibre Satin Net fabric has been incorporated in the back underarm panel to firmly support and catch unwanted back fat. A slimmed down and contoured silhouette enhances a woman’s beauty.

Hourglass Shaped Body Wrap around wide length tape has been incorporated into the design using special cutting technology. Back waist wide length tape and special patches help to create a sensual hourglass figure.

Trendy Hip The center stitch in the back side prevents unwanted lines from peeking through your outer layer of clothing. Combine a girdle with your T-back thongs to create your ideal hip line

AP Fiber is infused with tourmaline, which raises the negative ions and removes odor and fungus. AP Fiber is patented and co-developed with Panasonic. Learn more

The fabric features far infrared ceramics of high-purity, which retains warmth in the winter and keeps you cool in the winter. Learn more

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