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LALA Fairy Regular Girdle


With a long stretch back, the posture is adjusted and a dignified standing figure is realized.

Tummy Support The front section made of non-stretch fabric will firmly support your abdominal area.

Inner Thigh Support Firming support is discreetly built in to the inner thigh area to create an overall slimming look for your thighs.

Laced Hem We have incorporated a stretchy River Lace on the hemline for a comfortable fit.

Create Your Own Combination The girdle is created in a standard design so you can freely combine it with a T-back Bodysuit. You can also combine a bra and Lala Doll for a perfect look. A bra and slimming bodysuit would also look wonderful.

Three Dimensional Cutting The appearance of a lifted and rounded hip area is created by three dimensional cutting and shirring in the back centre area.

Hip Lift Enlarged fabric patches effectively catch and lift your spill-overs that tend to flow to the sides and down south.

AP Fiber is infused with tourmaline, which raises the negative ions and removes odor and fungus. AP Fiber is patented and co-developed with Panasonic. Learn more

The fabric features far infrared ceramics of high-purity, which retains warmth in the winter and keeps you cool in the winter. Learn more

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