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LALA Drainage Spats


In collaboration with the Kodenshi® spiral tape, the total slim beauty! If you wear it as underwear for your pants look, you will be surprised at your hips up!

Material: Nylon/Polyurethane/Others

Spiral Powernet material has been wound in a special spiral design to smooth and beautifully sculpt your legs.

Pelvic Support The Powernet material makes it seem as if you are wearing a pelvic support belt.

Lower Back Support The back of the waist is covered with Powernet material to stabilize your waist while improving on your posture and creating a sensual silhouette.

Hip Lift Powernet material running along the side of the thighs and up towards the hipline gives a slimming look to your sides while maintaining your hips at a heightened position.

Wide Logo Tape A wide tape embossed with our logo is incorporated in our high-waist spats line to offer a sense of stability and comfort.

The fabric features far infrared ceramics of high-purity, which retains warmth in the winter and keeps you cool in the winter. Learn more

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