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The LALA shapewear collection uses our patented AP FIBER which offers anti-aging benefit using negative ions and Kodenshi® Fiber, which helps control body temperature and reduce odor.

LALA Fairy Lacy Shorts
Lacy underwear with a unique fitting of the girdle
LALA Fairy Regular Girdle
Advance cutting to form a beautiful waist line
LALA Fairy T-Back Bodysuit
Feel confident while looking sexy
LALA Fairy T-Back Shorts
A sexy thong with a unique fitting of the girdle
LALA Fantasy High Waist Girdle
High waist girdle makes the thighs slender and waist tight
LALA Fantasy Lacy Shorts
Lacy underwear that hugs your hips with comfortable pressure
LALA Fantasy Sanitary Shorts
Period panties that were stylish, comfortable, and functional
LALA Fantasy T-Back Shorts
T-back underwear that hugs your hips with comfortable pressure
LALA Gracy 3/4 Cup Brassiere
A back smoothing bra that redirects bulges to the bust
LALA Gracy Full Cup Brassiere
A full coverage bra that smooths your back
LALA Gracy LALA Doll Bodysuit
Sleeveless bodysuit for spring and summer
LALA Gracy Regular Girdle
Waist clincher with minimal pressure
LALA Grant Nipper Bustier
Enhance the appearance to your bust while boosting your confidence
X-Mag Gabriel Lacy Bodysuit
A lacy design to make you feel sexy and vibrant
X-Mag Michael Lacy Brassiere
Lightly wraps around you for comfort and style
X-Mag Michael Lacy Nipper
A light nipper that softens the waistline
X-Mag Michael Shorts Girdle
A girdle that can be worn one piece.
X-Mag Michael T-Back Shorts
T-back shorts comfortable to the hips.
X-Mag Raphael Smooth Bodysuit
A sleek T-back bodysuit that looks like swimwear