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Our technology infused fabric makes our sportswear collection one of a kind. The design will give you a beautiful silhouette while quickly absorbing moisture to keep your comfortable.

BIBI Attivo Hi-Socks
Gradient compression with far infrared tech to keep you warm
BIBI Crew Neck Pump Long Sleeve
Supports your posture while tightening your arms
BIBI Fat Burn Spats
Tights that accelerate metabolism using photoelectrons and Kinesiology taping methods
BIBI Girdle Full Length
Sheer shaping leggings while tightening the lower body
BIBI Mesh Pump Short Sleeve
Uses Optoelectronic mesh with excellent breathability. Ideal for summer time
BIBI Pump Short Sleeves
Designed to be comfortable and to moves with your body
BIBI Pump Three Quarter Sleeves
Supports your posture while tightening your arms
BIBI Recovery Brassiere & Shorts
Recovery bra shorts are renewed! The back of the cup...
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